25 avril 2011

choose oakley sunglasses for yourself

Not everyone has the same face shape and that's what makes us all unique. Hence the importance of choosing Oakley sunglasses that brings out your best facial features. At this point, it is important that you know the face shape that you have.

The Oval face - with this kind of face shape, you can try on absolutely any kind of Oakley sunglasses and be able to pull it off. When it comes to oval face shapes, the main features are high cheekbones and a forehead which is slightly wider than the chin. An Oakley sunglass suggestion would be the Felon pair that has a black frame.

The Square face - this face is naturally wide and your face width and length are almost the same. Because of this, the best pair of Oakley sunglasses would be those that are round or oval. These shapes will break the contrast that your square face has. They will also make your face appear longer than it actually is. The Abandon pair of Oakley sunglasses would be the best choice for you as they have the ability to bring out the best of your features.

The Round face - this is a sweet looking face as it lacks strong facial features and it is often associated with youthfulness. It is advised that if you have such a facial shape, you should stay away from large sunglasses as they will only serve to bring out the roundness even more. In your case, you may want sunglasses that will give you the illusion of a longer face. Virtually any kind of Oakley sunglasses is good for you as long as they are square or rectangular in shape; check out the latest Square Wire from Oakley!

Oakley sunglasses were initially sporty in nature but over the years that has changed. They are now very fashion forward and are statement makers. Even though they have a distinctive style to almost all their sunglasses, they still manage to offer you a variety when it comes to choosing the right pair for your face shape and lifestyle. Keep in mind that it is important that you choose a style that suits you and brings out the best of your facial features.

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